Browser Khmer

Khmer Browser by KhemaraSoft allows you to read all Unicode Khmer Web Sites from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


2 Responses to “Browser Khmer”

  1. oudam says:

    It’s cool but I think that it’s only can read khmer but we can’t type the khmer word, right? I really don’t want to jailbreak for only can using khmer, so do you have the other ways without jailbreak?
    I want to khmer browser can read and write khmer. If possible, it’s very amazing =D

    • KS says:

      I know, we all Khmer and we need to type Khmer for some time.

      But please be patient, step by step we will have it.

      Jailbreak device, it make device not working well, slow, mulfuction, …

      So the solution is:

      – some one will make the device easy and able to type Khmer soon.
      – or maybe KhemaraSoft
      – or the next version (update version of iOS) might be Khmer available

      So just be patient please.

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