Fortune Teller Khmer

Want to find out your future? This app is a must have for those who like to read fortune.
The Fortune Teller Khmer Collection Application (in Khmer Language) is a simple way to have a few laughs and fun and simple to use, just input your phone number, name, birthday.
This Application is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not actually capable of telling your future.


7 Responses to “Fortune Teller Khmer”

  1. sothy says:

    តើក្បួនទាញឈ្មោះរបស់លោកអាចប្រើជាមួយ PC បានហើយរឺនៅ ?

  2. yang_tola says:


  3. yang_tola says:

    i thanh u

  4. pisheth says:

    I want to know about jobs and daily lucky

  5. jessica says:


    I want to know about my right eye on the bottom keep twiching or blinking about 4 weeks already but didn’t stop! Can you please tell me.


  6. sndark chea says:

    i want to know about jobs and daily lucky and love

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