Khmer Teller


Khmer use two types of calendars: the Solar calendar for general purposes and the traditional calendar for religious purposes, lunar calendar (Chankitek Calendar), Khmer traditional calendar is a lunisolar calendar similar to some of the Hindu calendars and the Chinese calendar.

Khmer calendar uses a unique system of identifying the year with Sak in conjunction with animals to form a 60-year cycle. This system is a little different from the Chinese system since Khmer use Sak with numeric meanings from 1 to 10 and Chinese use basic elements such as Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal. This 60-year cycle is not used in the Hindu calendar system. Stone carvings on Angkor monuments indicate that the system was in use throughout the Angkorian era.

This App is also include a collection of ancient Khmer Predictions.
This app is a must have for those who like to read fortune.

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